VOLUME 18, ISSUE 38 • September 22, 2022

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


We have lots to talk about this week in e-gardens. I do think you'll enjoy it.

In this issue…
I fell in love with a frog;
You'll fall in love with fall asters;
Whack-a-plant back;
This weekend's assignments; and
Your Q's and my A's.

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Photo: Fall asters are great for our pollinators, also great for our landscapes.


Gardening This Weekend

Fall is one of the nicest times for Texas gardening. Let's make a list of the most critical tasks you'll want to put on your list for this weekend. I have a good start. Click through to see what I've put down.

Photo: Cockscomb's color is legend in fall.


Rio Grande chirping frogs

I've made some new friends over the past couple of months. I wasn't sure who they were, so I recorded them, did a lot of reading and reached out to the experts at Texas A&M. I'm excited to tell you about them.

Photo: They sing in the dark of night, so I haven't really met them face-to-face.


Fall Aster - Unique by several measures

This is a plant you need to know. Yet odds are that you don't. Yet. If you'll allow me, I'll introduce you to one of your grandmamma's friends. One that's been passed along for generations.

Photo: Fall asters will soon be in bloom.


How much can you prune a plant back?

I'm already being asked by people who have grown tired of their green giants - plants that have outgrown their boundaries. "How far back can I prune my plants?" That pruning time will be coming up in a couple of months, so I'll help with the planning.

Photo: Sometimes plants outgrow their spaces.


Ask Neil

Lawns interspersed with Green Giants, mixed-up lemons, nutsedge in rocks and plumbago. Oh, and more questions about lawns. You ask, I answer.


And, in closing…

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of e-gardens. The story on Rio Grande chirping frogs took me 10 or 12 hours from recording to research to writing, but it was a fun journey indeed.

Arborilogical Services came to visit the Sperry trees yesterday. It’s an annual event, and it means I get to spend time with 13-time state champion climber Miguel Pastenes and his crew as well as Arborilogical owner Steve Houser, my long-time good friend. Steve and the team he has assembled around him have done so much to help trees of the Metroplex. We had a great time catching up with him! (For the record, Arborilogical Services sponsors e-gardens, my radio broadcasts and website.)

I'll be back with more information next week in another exciting e-gardens. Help spread the word. In the meantime, I'll hope to hear from you on my radio programs. Or see you on my website. We have podcasts of my programs there. Or maybe we can meet up in church.

Thanks for reading, and until we cross paths in one of those places…

Happy gardening!


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