VOLUME 18, ISSUE 42 • October 20, 2022

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Well, good grief, anyway. Some of us have been freezing this week. Literally. It got down to 32F around DFW yesterday (Wednesday) morning, and that's just not fair. That's 4-5 weeks ahead of schedule. Amarillo was 12 degrees warmer. Go figure. But life in the garden goes on.

In this issue…
How often should you water in winter?
This weekend's checklist;
My editor friend's incredible quilts;
Steven Chamblee returns; and
A nice assortment of questions.

Office will be closed next week…
We're going to be taking next week off at the office. I'll be working from home, but we'll have no way to take orders for my book. If you need one very quickly, order it from my website before noon Friday, October 21, and I'll get it mailed on Monday.

Photo: A portion of Carolyn Skei's beautiful "Mystic Currents" quilt.


Gardening This Weekend

Those rains that moved through this week were greatly appreciated. Let's hope there are move on their heels. As long as we're dreaming, let them come overnight so that things can clear off and dry by the time we want to work outside. Here's our list to accomplish.

Photo: It's time to start planting spring color. None is better than pansies.


Carolyn's Done it Again!

When my wife pulled up Carolyn Skei's Facebook page a few nights ago she exclaimed, "She's done it again!" I could see what she meant. Carolyn is a nationally recognized quilter, and that's just part of a long story. Let me tell you about my good friend.

Photo: Carolyn's "Texas Boy with Fish," but you need to see the entire quilt.


Native Son

Steven Chamblee shares some of his favorite plants of the fall. It’s an eclectic list as you might expect.

Photo: Roughleaf dogwoods are little-known sisters to the East Texas stars of the spring.


How Often Should We Water Through Fall and Winter?

Where I live (DFW), we've had two of the Top 10 rainless periods in our history since June of this year. So, the question of how often to water is very legitimate. I'll help you figure an answer. Click through to see.

Photo: Keep the hose handy this winter.


Ask Neil

Great job, questioners! Flowers without flowers. Variegated plants that are green. Green plants that are variegated. Italian cypresses in Alpine and Shumard red oaks from Florida. Take a look!


And, in closing…

That's it for this week's e-gardens. I hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me depart ever so slightly by showing you the beautiful work of my talented friend Carolyn.

Here's hoping for a bit more rain to sweep across Texas and pleasant weather to grace your gardens in the meanwhile.

Join me on the radio this weekend, and please stop by my website for a few minutes when you have time.

Until next week,

Happy gardening!


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