VOLUME 18, ISSUE 45 • November 10, 2022

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Batten the hatches. It's about to get colder. That's assuming you have hatches to batten. I've assembled topics befitting of this first week of November. I hope you enjoy them.

In this issue…
Zebra plants are calling our names;
This weekend's big tasks;
Unbelievable what people will do;
Diane Sitton's been back to Galveston; and
Our bigger and better Q&A section.

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Photo: Stunning foliage of zebra plants is reason enough to grow them.


Gardening This Weekend

We've been getting gradually cooler with each passing front, and rain has brought welcome relief. Average date of the first freeze is getting closer for big parts of Texas. Here are your critical tasks for this weekend.

Photo: Ornamental kale is one of the showiest of winter annuals.


Island Vibe … it's alive and well in Galveston gardens

Diane has visited Galveston before, and when she does I can’t wait to open my e-mails to see what she’s prepared for e-gardens. What a tropical treasure she showcases this month!

Photo: Garden art creatures scurry up a palm tree at the Burchett garden.


Help a Shelter Near You

Some heartless person dumped a mama and her litter of six puppies off on the county road near our home earlier this week. Two neighbors and my friends at the SPCA of Texas came to their rescue. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: 5 of the 7 pups eagerly eat, perhaps for the first time in days.


Zebra plants appeal to all gardeners

It only took part of a moment for me to fall in love with this plant. I've spent parts of my lifetime since growing it. Zebra plant is a fascinating addition to your greenhouse or sunroom collection. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Zebra plant's floral spike is developing.


Ask Neil

Passion in McKinney. Settling a husband/wife disagreement. (Yikes!) Firecrackers in Abilene. As if all that weren’t enough, elephant ears in the jungles of Ardmore. Well, that’s a diverse set of topics for questions this week. Click through to see for yourself.


And, in closing…

Thanks for strolling your way to the end of another e-gardens. If you enjoy it, please tell your friends. And please thank our advertisers!

I'll be on radio as usual this weekend, both statewide and in the Metroplex. Join me - hey, call me! And check out my website for podcasts of the programs and my FAQ section.

Have a great weekend and week. Until next Thursday…

Happy gardening!


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