VOLUME 19, ISSUE 9 • March 2, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


It surely is fun putting e-gardens together for you this time of year. There's so much to write about.

In this issue…
Choosing a nursery;
Gorgeous geraniums;
This weekend's goals;
A grab bag of goodies; and
Some really unusual questions.

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Photo: This is prime time for geraniums. Could these be any redder!


Gardening This Weekend

Texas is a large state, so conditions vary from one locale to another. However, where I am (Metroplex) and much of our slice of Texas, it rains, then it doesn't rain, then it rains some more. It's hard to get a big project started and finished. Here are the smaller tasks you'll want to tackle.

Photo: Seed-planting time is at hand for many flowers and vegetables.


Months of Glorious Color

There's no explaining why one plant enchants us, but geraniums have always been on that list for me. I wore out the old garden catalogs as I fell asleep as a teen. But those old types didn't thrive here in Texas. The ones you can buy today certainly will. Let's talk about them.

Photo: Their colors are pristine and intense.


Grab Bag of Tidbits

Lots of ideas roll through my head as I'm preparing e-gardens. for you each week. Little scraps of stories that are interesting, but too short to make the big time. So I glue 'em together and call 'em "e-gardens ready." You be the judge.

Photo: Forsythia is included in this week's Grab Bag of Tidbits. See why.


Choosing A Nursery

As you head out to do your garden plant and product buying this spring, here's hoping you'll find a special place with a great selection and service. I can give you a few guidelines of how I pick the places where I'm going to be shopping.

Photo: Wagons begging to be filled at Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler.


Ask Neil

How diverse can questions be! Crape myrtles from root sprouts. Fuzzy white tufty mold. A mountain laurel that’s wobbly. Topping or rocking our oaks. What a mix! Look at my replies!


And, in closing…

Thanks for being an e-gardens subscriber. And, here's a hopeful "Thank you" for referring us to your friends and also for expressing gratitude to our advertisers.

One more time, I'll be pre-empted this Saturday by TCU basketball, so no KLIF program this week. But I'll have my statewide program 11-noon Saturday and my WBAP 820AM program Sunday 8-10 a.m.

In the meantime, I hope to see you in a nursery, in church, or out in your yard!

Happy gardening!

McKinney ISD



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