VOLUME 19, ISSUE 32 • August 17, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


The northern half of Texas was blessed with a very brief taste of fall, but the blast furnace of summer returned about 8 hours ago. Ugh. Fall will be better!

In this issue…
We delve back into Pothos;
You might love my mowing tip;
This weekend's to-do list;
Steven's road trip to MOBOT; and
You sent some unusual questions.

Please stand with us for Public Schools
Ask your legislators to send adequate funding
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My wife has asked me to thank all of you who bought my book last week in support of her re-election campaign to the McKinney ISD board of trustees. We are raising funds to pay off the remainder of her debts.

Lynn won decisively and has begun her 40th year as an unpaid servant to the students, parents, and staff of McKinney ISD.

She and I believe in public school education for all students. She and other good incumbents were opposed by candidates backed by wealthy extremists who apparently want to foster private schools for the elite at the expense of our state's private schools.

Supporting Lynn's (and my) beliefs cost us more in campaign expenses for the May 6 election than for all 12 of her previous victorious elections combined.

Lynn has worked thousands and thousands of hours to make schools better, and to help keep her "little engine" going, I offer my book to cover the costs.

It's on sale, too, and I'll sign your copy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Limited time - until we pay off the debt
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Photo: Marble Queen Pothos brings cooling white variegation to a long-popular houseplant. (Photographed at Calloways North Plano Aug. 15)


Gardening This Weekend

Some Texas gardens were blessed with a couple of days of cooler weather earlier this week. Now we're back into the late summer furnace for another week or two or three. Let's list the things you'll want to do over this weekend.

Photo: Your eyes aren't deceiving you! Bluebonnet seed-planting time comes up over the next 6 weeks.


Native Son: On the Road Again…

Our buddy Steven Chamblee hit the road recently. St. Louis ended up being his destination, and he dropped in on one of America's treasures, the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Photo: If you're looking for fascinating foliage, you can't beat the crassulas.


A Mowing Tip to Surprise You

A reader sent me a question several years ago about improving the look of his lawn. He had streaks each time that he mowed. I had a suggestion that turned out to work. I'll show you.

Photo: This was the original photo - the reason the man wrote me. Wait 'til you see the difference!


Pothos are coming right along

You may remember my story from earlier this year, where I showed you our pothos plants I've been rooting and growing. I'll give you an update as we prepare to pot up some more.

Photo: The second batch has developed great roots.


Ask Neil

From bagworms to bermuda, the forbidden lawngrass to Monterrey, we have a mixed bag of questions. Fun stuff this week.


And, in closing…

That's all I have for this week. I hope you'll tune in my radio programs this weekend. Or at least hear them on podcasts on my website.

Have a great week. Until next time…

Happy gardening!



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