VOLUME 19, ISSUE 35 • September 14, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


So wonderful! The weather this week has been so grand. It's made writing e-gardens especially fun.

In this issue…
Dealing with your deer friends;
This weekend's goals;
Most colorful plants that you grow;
Your questions and my answers; and
Diane Sitton's gardening hang-ups.

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Photo: Crotons put zing in your fall gardening fling.


Gardening This Weekend

The blessings of cooler weather and moisture to many parts of Texas tell us that fall is on the way. That opens up an entirely new conversation of things you'll want to get done. That's what I've outlined for you today. Take a quick click into your future.

Photo: Mexican mint marigold is a magnet to Monarchs.


Taking plants to the next level

Diane Sitton always brings great garden suggestions. This time she shares ideas of how we can put otherwise useless garden space to good purpose.

Photo: Three begonia-filled wall pots mimic the begonia-filled pots below. The gardener unified the setting by using identical wall pots.


Colorful Crotons Are in the Mainstream

When I was a kid looking in the vents of the TAMU greenhouses in College Station, those sparkling crotons were like jewels to my eyes. You didn't see them in nurseries or flower shops, yet there they were in real life. I'll continue my story.

Photo: This is a box filled with crotons just off the truck at a Calloways 10 or 15 days ago!


Deerly Beloved

The first time you see a doe and her fawns on your property you're smitten. They're graceful and gorgeous. But when you discover that they've left with most of this year's plantings you're not quite so pleased. Let's talk about some humane ways to co-exist with these neighbors.

Photo: (Photo from Havahart®) Deer peacefully grazing, but the homeowner isn't going to be happy.


Ask Neil

We are all over the globe this time around. From winter watering to honeybees in live oaks. Hybrid chestnuts to Opuntia opulence (look it up). We have a little bit of lots of stuff.


And, in closing…

We've come to the close of another episode of e-gardens. But there will be more, so tune in right here next week.

The SPCA of Texas invites you to browse their available animals at spca.org/findapet. Visit spca.org/dogadopt to inquire about a dog or spca.org/catadopt to inquire about a cat. Throughout September, all adult dog and cat adoptions are only $25 at the SPCA Dallas Animal Care Center (2400 Lone Star Drive) and the Ellis County Animal Care Center (2570 FM Road 878 in Waxahachie). Exception: senior pets (7 years and older) can be adopted free by senior citizens. You can also donate to the SPCA of Texas now through September 21 for North Texas Giving Day at

The Humane Society of Dallas County, also known as Dog and Kitty City, rescues and finds homes for hundreds of dogs and cats in North Texas each year. They do it with the support of people from the North Texas community. They are a small shelter with a huge heart. They need your help and donations to save more animals! Donate now through September 21 for North Texas Giving Day at

If you live outside the DFW Metroplex area, there's a shelter near you that could use your support. Adopt. Donate. Volunteer. Feel good about doing any and all.

That's it. Until next week, thanks for reading us. And…

Happy Gardening!



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