VOLUME 19, ISSUE 44 • November 2, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome aboard the e-(gardens) train. It takes off every Thursday evening at 6. Bring your friends along with you.

In this week's edition…
Don't forget landscape's real focal point;
Steve Huddleston is working out with barberries;
This weekend's gardening goals;
I answer your questions; and
Bob Phillips and Steve Houser chat.

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Photo: Pinks get their name, not from the colors in their petals, but from the fact that the petals look like they've been trimmed with pinking shears.


Gardening This Weekend

Parts of North Texas and the Hill Country got an early taste of frost and freeze earlier this week. So, let's look into what a gardener might do from this point forward.

Photo: Second only to pansies in their hardiness to cold, pinks are equally beautiful for cold-weather color.


'Orange Rocket' Barberry

By Steve Huddleston
'Orange Rocket' barberry really has caught Steve's eye. He shares his experiences and its benefits with us. I think you'll enjoy what he's brought to us this week.

Photo: Rich fall color of 'Orange Rocket' barberry is ruby-red. That's following its orange shades of the spring.


Focus on the Right Things

Your house is the biggest piece of artwork you'll ever own. You need to think of it as a magnificent painting, and everything you do should showcase its beauty and conceal its blemishes. Yet some of us lose sight of the goal.

Photo: Front door should almost always be the focal point of the landscape.


Indian Marker trees

Have you heard of "Indian Marker" trees? You may have been driving right past one for decades without even knowing it. They're a fabulous story, and Bob Phillips and Steve Houser join to bring the details.

Photo: Screen capture from Texas Country Reporter on Indian Marker Trees.


Ask Neil

Red oak's getting ravaged and a boatload of stickerburs. Two extreme lawn issues and a privacy plant good at 500 feet. But how portable is plumbago? I tackle 'em all. Take a look at my answers this week.


And, in closing…

Time change this Sunday early morning. Set 'em back by one hour.

Time change for me and two of my radio programs.

KLIF will now be Saturdays 1-2 p.m.
WBAP will be Sundays 8-9 a.m. Everything else I do will remain the same.

Photo: Screen capture from Allie Spillyard’s Rangers report last week on NBC5 in DFW. Our son Brian (R) and his longtime friend Greg Kinzer describe how they earned the name “Netmen” at The Ballpark. Click link to watch.

Congratulations to our Texas Rangers! Well done! And well done with class!

This moment reached out and grabbed me…
I’ve seen this before, but now it means more.

Stand Up to Cancer:
Mastercard, Fox Sports, and Major League Baseball again joined to hold this touching fund-raiser between innings of Game 4. With our son and grandson there, and with two in our immediate family now fighting this battle, perhaps I could guess two names that were being held in support.

So, there we have another e-gardens. I hope it's been a great read for you and your team. If so, feel free to share it.

Thank you for all your kindness and support. I hope you have a great gardening weekend as we get ready for several weeks of fine weather for outdoor work.

Until next time…

Happy gardening!



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