VOLUME 19, ISSUE 45 • November 9, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


November is one of my favorite gardening months. It's before the craziness of the holidays hits, and there are nice patches of great weather. So - let's talk plants!

In this issue…
Prettiest plants in the world (my opinion);
Landscaping focus;
This weekend's prime tasks;
Diane Sitton is into re-purposing; and
Unusual questions and unwieldy answers.

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Photo: Rex begonias present a tapestry of foliage.


Gardening This Weekend

I had an old pick-up once that couldn't decide if it wanted to start or stop. That's the way our cool weather has been so far this fall. But gardening tasks do keep going on, and I've helped start our list. Click through to see how I've ranked them.

Photo: If you're don't have summer snowflakes (Leucojum), you need them.


When "old is the new new"

By Diane Morey Sitton
Our friend has been out shopping again. But forget the mall. Diane goes to improbable places. Put on your old shoes and jeans and let’s see where she takes us.

Photo: Creeping Jenny would just as soon grow in an old watering can as a new clay pot.


Kings of the begonias

As a 12-year-old gardener I fell asleep with books and catalogs filled with pictures of Rex begonias across my chest. "Someday I'm going to grow those," I said to myself. And I have. I think they're the prettiest plants in the Kingdom. Let me tell you about them.

Photo: 'Fireworks' is one of the most popular hybrid begonias.


Fine-tuning the focus

Finishing up the topic I began here last week on using your landscape to enhance the beauty of your house and its entryway, I have a couple more tips to help you maximize your returns. Keep on reading.

Photo: Remember the goal - draw eyes to the entryway.


Ask Neil

Decay in a tree trunk. A rock in a tree trunk. A bicycle in a tree trunk! The best potting soil, and how long to let a hose-end bubbler bubble. Those are the sorts of questions you've asked me this week. See my answers.


And, in closing…

That's it for another installment of our e-gardens free weekly gardening newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it, and if so, I hope you'll share it with friends and fellow gardeners. Just tell them to go to my website to sign up. You're our main way of growing this baby. And say “Thanks” to our advertisers, too.

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That's what I have for you this week. Until next week, thanks for reading. And…

Happy Gardening!



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