VOLUME 19, ISSUE 46 • November 16, 2023

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Here’s hoping you’ve had a beautiful week planting pansies and googling ginkgos. Let’s look forward to Thanksgiving as it looms near.

In this edition…
Thin-layer composting;
Ponytails aren't palms;
Tall Steven among tall trees;
This weekend's important tasks; and,
Your questions and my answers.


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Photo: We came home from taking grandson Joseph to school this morning to see our ginkgos looking spectacular!


Gardening This Weekend

As we prepare for Thanksgiving one week from today, there are several important tasks that really need to be done over the next several days. I'm guessing you won't be as likely to find yourself gardening next weekend.

Photo: You'll look good in pinks!


Native Son: A Walk in the Woods

Our buddy Steven Chamblee has been on the road. Atlanta let him in, and he visited their Fernbank Forest, and it really inspired him.

Photo: I normally help with Steven’s photo captions. In this case, I’m totally speechless.


Ponytail palm

It's not even close to being a palm. It's not even remotely related. But it's a great houseplant that doubles as a fun patio plant in the summer. I have a couple that have been in our family for more than 40 years. It's always nice when you find a houseplant with staying power. Let me tell you about it.

Photo: Ponytail in nursery is ready to give it a go in your cabin.


Thin-layer Composting

We live in a hardwood forest - primarily pecans with a good smattering of red oaks thrown in. We're in the process of cleaning up what seems like 10 tons of leaves, and for the past many years we've been composting them in this out-of-the-way space. The details might be of help.

Photo: This is gold to a gardener. Compost that's ripe-'n-ready.


Ask Neil

Spider mites (perhaps) in the off-season, Japanese yews that look toasted, a Chinese pistachio that looks like a slingshot and I'm still trying to figure out the crape myrtle. See what you think.


And, in closing…

That's what we prepared for you this time around. Hope you enjoyed it, and we look forward to seeing you here again next week.

(Our goal is to publish next week’s Thanksgiving edition by Tuesday evening, so keep your eyes open and clicker finger waiting.)

Lynn and I were in Houston Monday and Tuesday. Zeus was really happy when we got home. Admittedly, my selfies aren't great, but he said my tummy rubs were fabulous.

I'll be on the air as usual all through the holidays. My statewide program Saturdays 11:06-noon. KLIF 570AM 1-2 Saturday afternoons. WBAP 820AM 8-9 Sunday mornings. Give me a listen and give me a call!

See you right here next week!

Happy gardening!



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