VOLUME 20, ISSUE 24 • June 13, 2024

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


Welcome to early summer and our latest edition of e-gardens, your weekly collection of useful gardening information.

In this issue…
Sparkling whites in the garden.
This weekend's top jobs.
Trumpet those vines.
Diane Sitton visits Nacogdoches.
Leaf spots and bad bugs (Q&A).

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Photo: Sunflowers at Arnosky Family Farms in Blanco, by Gretchen Drew from her recent visit.


Gardening This Weekend

By now the spring rushes have calmed down and we can focus on late evening hours when we can leisurely poke around our landscapes and gardens. Here's the list of tasks for this time.

Photo: This is the time to be buying crape myrtles!


Highlights from Nacogdoches - Tour of Home Gardens

You never really need a reason to visit Nacogdoches, but when there’s a garden tour, that makes it a must. Diane Sitton was there recently. You’ll love what she’s brought back to share.

Photo: Potted geraniums, coleus and ferns create a street side welcome at the Perry residence.


Bright Whites in the Garden

There's something cool and pristine about white in the landscape. That's especially great for garden parties at night. However, if you're going to succeed in using white, it's going to require some careful planning. I have suggestions.

Photo: There is a purity to white caladiums.


Herald the Trumpets

For longevity of flowering season in the summer, no other vine comes anywhere close to the trumpetvine clan, especially here in Texas. But not all trumpetvines are created equal. Let's look at the best in the hopes that I can save you some frustration while we perk up your plantings.

Photo: Madame Galen trumpetvine is a winner.


Q&A – Ask Neil

Somebody got a bargain on questions about leaf spots this week. I answered them all. Spider mites and crape myrtle bark scale picked up the balance. See what I had to say about each.


And, in closing…

It was 50 years ago that I spent my last Father's Day with my dad. I'd give so much to have another hour for a family reunion so he could meet everyone who's come into our family since then. I know that time will come. I have to be patient.

Omer Sperry was, and still is my hero. He was kind and he was loving. He was supportive and he was always willing to talk. And listen. And take me places and teach me things. Most of all, my dad taught me how to be a man, a husband, and a father.

If there is a dad in your life, reach out to him this weekend. It's not always easy being a dad. Let him know that you love him. He needs to hear that.

That was the last thing I told my dad as I stood by his bedside late that night March 5, 1975.

Until next week,

Thanks for reading, and…

Happy gardening!



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