VOLUME 20, ISSUE 26 • June 27, 2024

Neil Sperry editor. Gretchen Drew design and circulation.


We're on the fast track into summertime, and this week's e-gardens is running at full speed.

In this issue…
How much mulch is too much?
This weekend's big goals,
Fan flowers are fabulous,
Diane Sitton sends her salutes, and
You sent your questions and I've answered.

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Photo: Fan flower is one of best sources of blue floral color anywhere in Texas.


Gardening This Weekend

Is this my favorite time to be planting trees and shrubs? No. But can it be done now? Absolutely! But you must be careful to water them daily - by hand. And you can save dollars with holiday sales on the plants. Let's talk about things you want to accomplish with your several days off.

Photo: Dynamite crape myrtle is one of the first true reds. It grows to 15-18 ft. tall.


Lovin' the Blues

Independence Day. You have your "reds." You have your "whites." But what are you goin' to do for those elusive "blues?" It's the rarest color in the flower world. How can you complete your celebratory plantings without it? Fan flower to the rescue, from our friends in Australia. Let's chat, mate.

Photo: How good is this! Fan flower is an easy-care summer annual.


Patriotism - Garden-style

Always with a great twist on the holidays, Diane Sitton revs us up for the 4th. See her lovely ideas for combining gardens and glory.

Photo: Retailers sell patriotism along with summer flowers (Mandevillas).


How Much Mulch Is Too Much Mulch?

Used appropriately, mulches are some of the best tools in a gardener's toolshed. But as so often happens, you can get too much of a good thing. Let's talk it over - the advantages and the risks of mulching. I'll give you the facts.

Photo: "Mulch volcano" is killing this tree.


Q&A – Ask Neil

You'll be fasciated by this week's questions and my replies. (I guarantee there are no misspellings in that sentence.) Also, a couple of trees suffering trunk troubles. A persistent little weed and an off-colored yaupon.


And, in closing…

So, if you were the guy sending out e-gardens and the government decided that July 4 ought to fall on your distribution day (Thursday), what would you do? Well, we’ve decided to send out next week’s short-but-important edition Tuesday evening at 6.

Join me this weekend on radio, normal time, normal stations. I’ll be doing my programs live and I’ll look forward to your call.

In the meantime, put on your sunscreen and insect repellent and keep the garden hose handy.

Until Tuesday, thanks for reading, and

Happy Gardening!



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