GARDENS Magazine - January/February 2006

Feature Articles

The Texas Kitchen Garden

Growing your own isn't as hard as you think - and the rewards are seasonably sweet.

Annuals Worth Their While

A spring-to-frost palette of proven color.

Country Road Plant Farm

Bright blooms and variegated foliage are hallmarks of this diverse and visually stimulating nursery nestled into the East Texas Piney Woods.


Mary Nell holly; bur oak

Pioneer Roses

Flowering tributes to Texans past.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Hothouse flowers and foliage

Ask Neil

Fertilizing bermudagrass, fire ants in houseplants, and more.

Lone Stars


Beautiful orchid trees erupt with blossoms.


Long only a dream from most Texas gardeners, growing blueberries is now possible - given a few guidelines and one stellar variety.


Dramatic, colorful blooms and exquisitely ornate foliage dress up shady gardens.

Rising Star: Dusty Miller 'Colchester White'

This shrubby perennial with luminous foliage and light pink blooms may become one of your new favorite plants.

Designing Texas

The Eyes Have It

Focusing in on great landscape design.

Big Pots, Big Potential

Dramatic landscape accents are just a container away.

Texas Tips

Fertilizer, Compost and Mulch

Determining the differences and evaluating your needs.

What's New?

New warm-season turf choices abound.

Finishing Touch

Stylish Steps

Whether stone, brick, concrete or wood, garden steps get you there.

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