GARDENS Magazine - November/December 2006

Feature Articles

My Favorite Bulb

Our experts' picks will likely become your favorites, too!

Beyond the Season

Cultivate beauty during the coolest times of the year.


Pecan; willow-leaf or needlepoint holly.

Gardening Under Glass

Enclosed miniature landscapes are a creative gardening experience.

Passion's Fruits

Longtime contributor Leslie Finical Halleck draws inspiration from the garden.

Oh, Christmas Tree

In Texas, the Christmas tree industry is growing, and families are reconnecting with old-fashioned fun.

From the Sperry Garden

On a Personal Note

Reasons to love interlocking concrete pavers.

Ask Neil

Dealing with drought-stressed shrubs, treating take-all patch, and more.

Lone Stars

Rising Star: Nature and Matrix Pansies

These pansies prove that bigger isn't always better.


This cool-weather herb adds flavor to the garden.

'Redbor' Kale

A frilly and richly colored winter beauty.

Mexican Mint Marigold

The marigold family includes edible, aromatic and aesthetically pleasing members.


Attractive, evergreen foliage gives rise to colorful mid-winter blooms.

Designing Texas


Using plants to bring your interior spaces alive with personality.

Trees with Texture

Winter reveals another dimension of beauty -- bark.

Texas Tips

Turfgrass Alternatives

For shady spots where grass refuses to grow, try these tips from our turf expert.

Finishing Touch

Nature's Bounty

Capture the beauty of the season in a wreath.

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