An Odd Note from the Sperry Garden

It was like a pile of old nursery receipts, that stack of black nursery pots that had grown (and apparently multiplied) behind my greenhouse. It stood as testimony to all the plants I have bought, tried, loved and, yes, removed, over the years. I decided to tackle it a couple of weeks ago. I saved all the pots I would need and got help loading the rest to donate to a grower friend. He asked how many I’d be bringing and I told him I thought it would be a few hundred. Well, try several thousand! This is a 25-year supply. They’d been protected from the sun so nothing much happened to them. Don’t tell my wife, but this is an example of a wonderful hobby taken to the extreme. So, when you call my program and I tell you that I’ve tried a certain plant, you can see that I mean it.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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