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Neil Sperry's Texas Gardening Posters

Crape Myrtles Poster

This comprehensive chart will give all the pertinent information on all 116 crape myrtle varieties known to be in cultivation. You’ll be amazed at the differences.

Texas Best Perennials Poster

Neil couldn’t stop with just 100-the 121 best perennials for Texas gardens, as determined by Neil and Jimmy Turner from the Dallas Arboretum. Included in this exhaustive and lovely chart …

Great Annual Color for Texas Poster

Flowering, foliage, wildflower and tropical annuals-a total of the 100 best for Texas. This chart gives you heights, spacings, colors, seasons of color, sun/shade and a host of other critical …

Top 100 Texas Plants Poster

Neil’s comprehensive chart gives incredible detail on the 100 best trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers for Texas.

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