From the Sperry Garden – October, 2007

Not a spring goes by but what my sprinkler system audit finds dozens of things to repair. This year was better than average as we only had one broken pipe and one chewed off head (probably by squirrels seeking water over the winter). However, I bought a cluster of 50 wire flags to mark needed repairs as we put the clocks through their stations. We used up all 50 and had to improvise on probably 10 more. Most were heads that were dirty and therefore not spraying a normal pattern. Some were flat-throw heads that needed to be replaced with cone-shaped heads to clear maturing groundcover plantings. We’re raising a lot of riser heights by adding couplers and short risers, but we’re also dropping some of the tall risers back near the ground. Those are the heads that are beneath large holly beds. It’s easier to spray across the soil’s surface than it is to clear the plants’ canopies. Lots of repairs, but nothing too major. That’s a relief.

All of this is to say that here in Texas we never know when the next drought will begin. Conservative use of our water resources is everyone’s responsibility.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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