Quick Tip from Neil – October, 2007

When I saw this great planting of moss rose in a wholesale nursery just a few days ago I immediately wanted to share it with you. There were two things that really sprung to my mind.

First, remember that I told you that this photo was taken at 4 PM. The flowers are still open! That’s not always been the case with moss rose. Its flowers always last just one day. Old varieties closed early, often by noon. Monday, when I took this photo, the temperatures were still quite warm, yet this planting of Sundial mix was still open. Great color for many weeks of hot summer weather.

Second, note that there are no whites mixed into this planting. White moss rose is too white in a mixed bed. It looks like a beacon of light shining through and that’s not necessarily good. This mix is cheerful, and getting the white flowers out of the way really helps.

Plant moss rose in full sun and well-drained garden soil. It will grow to 6 inches tall and 10 or 12 inches wide. It flowers incessantly, but you’ll get more blooms if you keep it properly watered and fed. You can replace it late in the summer with marigolds, zinnias, or celosias for fall color.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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