Rose Cutting

Once is Enough
The first blooms of spring are often the most memorable – bearded irises, azaleas, camellias and redbuds. However, to me, the best heralds of spring are once-blooming roses, like Lady Banksia, Climbing American Beauty, Fortune’s Double Yellow and Fortuniana. It is often said that they put on as much bloom in a two-week period as repeat-blooming roses do all year. Plant these climbing roses to grow into trees or on arbors or walls to give awe-inspiring drama to your gardens.

To see these roses in peak bloom, visit the Antique Rose Emporium every weekend in April as we celebrate spring with our Open House. Special events are scheduled at both locations throughout the month, so log onto

About the author: Mike Shoup is the owner of the Antique Rose Emporium. Visit their Brenham and San Antonio display gardens (pictured above) for endless ideas on landscaping with roses.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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