Rose Cuttings – October, 2007

I am biased towards old roses. I personally think that they are the ultimate garden plant. Long-lived, colorful, fragrant, carefree, versatile and fast-growing are the adjectives that come to mind to describe them. Besides this, they are often nostalgic, having a history to their existence.

But the attributes I want to address here are their bloom cycles. Many roses bloom with a spectacular spring show in late March through April, followed by another bloom approximately six weeks later. For us in Central Texas, that is May 20 through June 20. You can manipulate the exact timing of your bloom cycle by pruning and shearing these plants throughout May. Roses will put out new growth from freshly cut stems, taking about six weeks to bud and bloom. To ensure this performance, mulch the plants well and water often, thereby keeping the roses healthy to maintain this schedule.

With a little bit of work, you can get two to three awe-inspiring bloom periods in the spring and early summer. It’s not too late to give it a try.

About the author: Mike Shoup is the owner of the Antique Rose Emporium. Visit the ARE Brenham and San Antonio display gardens for endless ideas on landscaping with roses, and to order roses online, visit

Posted by Neil Sperry
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