Rose Cuttings – October, 2007

Old roses are the ultimate garden plant. They’re long-lived, carefree, showy and usually fragrant – true showboats in the garden. In Texas and the South, we also get incredible fall bloom. In order to take advantage of these repeat-blooming roses, all we have to do is prune, train or shape these roses, typically on or around Labor Day.

Climbers can be thinned and trained so that the structures they adorn appear tidy and attractive. Shrubs can be cut back to encourage new growth and bloom or shaped to conform to your garden. As the days get cooler, these newly trained roses will respond with a colorful show of blossoms that rival even the likes of mums and asters, which are known for their fall bloom. Remember, with a little preparation now, not only can you have more color in the garden, you can have beautiful roses on your Thanksgiving table – a real southern treat.

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About the author: Mike Shoup is the owner of the Antique Rose Emporium. Visit their Brenham and San Antonio display gardens for endless ideas on landscaping with roses, and to order roses online, visit their Web site:

Posted by Neil Sperry
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