Downtown McKinney

It’s ‘Swamp Thing’ and it’s growing over Downtown McKinney

Our offices are near the square in McKinney, and I was out taking photos of the prettiest downtown anywhere in North Texas the other late afternoon, when a lady said, “You need a photo of Swamp Thing.”  She asked if I was familiar with it, and I told her that I was not.  She introduced herself as Laura Moore, and she said if I stood on her store’s front step (107 S. Tennessee, half a block south of the downtown square) and looked to the west, I’d see it. I headed that way and, sure enough, there it was. 

I showed my photo to Vernon Classen at Spoons Restaurant and also to Laura Moore in her beautiful studios, and both told me that it’s been growing there for years.  I’ve driven right by it hundreds of times, and I just never noticed it.  Doesn’t say much for the plant guy, does it!

Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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