Neil and Lynn Visit Colorado, Utah

It will seem hard for some to believe, but I’ve never had a passport. Yet, I’ve been to 48 of our states (Alaska and South Dakota to go). The majesty of our National Parks is absolutely astounding. We just saw three, and a National Monument to boot.

The Stanley Hotel was sold out when we called, but we got to visit it anyway. It was built 98 years ago by the inventor of the Stanley Steamer. Stephen King wrote The Shining here.

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park has always been one of my favorites. We drove over the passes when I was 6 and 10, and my wife and I have been back several times. This is the scene from the Trail Ridge Road Visitors’ Center. What a magnificent view from above tree line. The country’s highest continuous highway.

Trail Ridge Road, rocky ledge. This seemingly barren mountaintop is at more than 10,000 feet. It’s probably covered in snow now, two weeks later. Snowfall accumulations here go to 20 feet and deeper.

Leadville is the city with the highest elevation in America (more than 10,300 feet). And, look at those mountains towering above it! Rugged people lived here. Winters are long and cold.


Rainbow over Frisco. We spent several days in Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco just relaxing. This rainbow cropped up one evening on our way back from Leadville.


Colorado National Monument is a treasure that came as a surprise. It’s just outside Grand Junction in western Colorado. Gorgeous overlooks and vistas. My wife’s favorite drive of the trip.


Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. This has been a lifelong dream for me. Utah is beautiful! Look closely – the left-most person in the North Arch is my wife. Bryce Canyon remains one of my all-time favorite parks, but Arches is right up there, too.


Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. This is 30 miles from Arches, but Moab is its center, too. This is a much smaller arch, which we caught just at dusk. Two other hikers showed up and offered to take the photo. That’s me wearing my Leadville cap on the left. Look at the vista through the arch!


Grand View in Canyonlands National Park (the end of the road coming into the park from the north). This is absolutely beyond belief. It’s the convergence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, and you’re probably looking at 200 square miles in this huge canyon area. You can see a tiny road if you look really closely. If you click to our larger version, you’ll see an arrow pointing at three vehicles on that road.  They give a great perspective to the enormity of it all.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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