Cool-Season Petunias

Petunias grow best when temperatures stay below 85 degrees. In fact, they can do very well even during the last weeks of winter if you’ll protect them from extreme cold. South Texas gardeners can plant them almost anytime, and North Texans should get them started during late February or early March. All too often, people wait until mid-spring to set them out.

Some tips …
• Start with vigorous 4-inch plants in full bud and starting to bloom.

• Use small-flowering types for the greatest landscaping impact. They’ll produce many more flowers per plant.

• Plant into a loose, highly organic potting soil mix with no native Texas soils involved.

• Use a high-nitrogen, complete fertilizer, preferably a water-soluble type. Fertilize the plants lightly each time that you water them.

• Pinch off spent flowers as they fade. It will keep your plants looking better, and it will keep them from wasting energy producing seeds.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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