Radio Update

Not all e-gardens subscribers may have heard that my last day on KRLD 1080AM will be Sunday, July 4, 2010. That decision was the station’s, not mine. My contract to purchase airtime still had 2-1/2 years to go, but I was told on January 5 that they planned to sell the airtime to others who would pay a higher per-hour rate. I was not given an option of matching those rates.

Before you lament too much, however, let me tell you that the 30 years and two months that I will have spent at KRLD have been a dream-come-true. KRLD was a port in a storm for me in May 1980. With a brand new mortgage, a wife and three very young children, I had resigned at WFAA radio over a conflict with a quack soil-amendment product that I was unwilling to advertise. I left with no job and a great deal of angst. However, KRLD assured me that I’d never have to take that sort of stand, and they honored that promise. I started on KRLD two weeks later, and we’ve never missed a beat. I don’t intend to miss a beat this time, either.

Since we posted the notice of KRLD’s actions on my website on February 3, I have been incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support. Thank you, one and all!

I can also tell you that eight or nine radio stations have been in contact. I am willing to promise that our program will continue without interruption the following weekend! Nothing has been finalized yet, but when it is, we’ll let you know via my Facebook page, on my website and here in e-gardens.

In the meantime, it will be business as usual for my program every Saturday and Sunday morning 8-11 on KRLD. The program has consistently been one of KRLD’s highest-rated programs. I am blessed with 25 or 30 wonderful advertisers. The "Tenured 10" of those sponsors average more than 25 years on the air with me! Those aren’t business associates — those are my friends!

So, to my sponsors, and most of all, to my listeners, our program will continue. Just in someone else’s garden. Stay tuned for details.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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