From the Sperry Gardens – May, 2011


Take All Root Rot (TARR) first came to our attention in the mid-1990s. St. Augustine turf would be sluggish to green up in the spring. Some of it died out altogether. While the damage looked like that done by grub worms, people were reporting that they had found no grubs when digging in the ground.

At that point, plant pathologist Dr. Phil Colbaugh of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (now retired) began his great research on the soil-borne fungus. I have followed his guidelines from the moment TARR showed up in our landscape four years ago. My treatment was made in late March, and the photo shows how the turf has responded in just two months.

Same area of turfgrass as the March photo, only taken from the opposite side of the yard.

We keep this information on TARR archived on my website in the Most-Asked Questions section. Click here to see what Dr. Colbaugh’s research suggests as the best remedy. From what I can see with my own lawn, I’m a real believer.

Note, too: bermuda turf is also being affected by this fungus. The same controls will work with it.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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