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E-Mail to e-gardens re: pet adoption

This may be my all-time favorite e-mail I’ve ever received. I am an adopted person, so I’ve always had a special fondness for shelter animals who are just hoping for a chance at a good home. This note came to our office a couple of weeks ago, and I simply had to share it with you. I’ve removed the sender’s name, so as to avoid embarrassment, but I’ve made the appropriate contact to let them know how touched I was by the note.

"Hi Neil,


"This is not a plant question.  I just wanted to thank you for featuring SPCA animals in your newsletters.  In January you featured a dog named Chad who had come from a hoarder and was deaf.  The  minute I opened up your newsletter that morning, I immediately fell in love with that dog.  I called up SPCA as soon as they opened to ask them more about Chad.  As soon as I got off work, I ran home and grabbed my dog Sketch. We hustled over to the SPCA to meet Chad. 

"As you can probably figure out, we brought Chad home the same day!  I just can’t express enough gratitude to you for your part in uniting Sketch and me with our new family member.  Chad brings so much joy into our home, and he is an ideal companion for Sketch, who has been looking for a new friend since our other dog passed away.  Again, thanks so, so much for encouraging your readers to look to the shelters and rescue groups to find their new friends. 

And I’m sure if Chad could type, he would be thanking you for helping him find his forever home!"

Posted by Neil Sperry
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