Christmas Is for Caring Moves to WBAP!

SG-Dec14_Christmas-for-caringFor maybe 25 years, I chaired Christmas is for Caring at another DFW radio station. It is the annual fund-raising effort that supports residents of the Denton State Supported Living Center (formerly known as the Denton State School).

We serve approximately 500 men and women, average age of mid-50s, who have faced life with profound mental and physical issues. They are wonderful people who, in many cases, have no family members present in their lives.

WBAP 820AM will be the new home to Christmas is for Caring, and we sincerely hope you will be a part of it this year. It will be on the air December 8-12 from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day.

DSSLC Volunteer Services page.

We will be seeking pledges from listeners who would like to buy one gift for a man or woman at the DSSLC. They’ll be simple gifts such as sweatshirts or blankets – or maybe rock-and-roll CDs or pictures for their walls. Average cost: only $15 or $20, and they may be the most special gifts many of the residents receive.

Here’s how it will work:

  • When we open the phone banks, we’ll give the number on the air.
  • You’ll call and express interest in buying a gift (or gifts).
  • We’ll match you up from our lists with your shopping preferences.
  • You’ll be given the recipient’s first name and a gift number.
  • You’ll buy the item and wrap it, putting the first name and gift number on the wrapping paper.
  • You’ll deliver it to any of the Metroplex Calloways Nurseries before 6 p.m. Sunday, December 14.
    (Editorial note: this is a great chance to teach children to share with others – let them make the purchases, wrap and place the packages in the big boxes at Calloways.)
  • Members of the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association will visit each of the 17 Calloways to pick up the gifts and deliver them to the DSSLC overnight.
  • The party will be Thursday evening, December 18 at the DSSLC gymnasium. We are told that Santa will be arriving with all the presents, and you are invited to the party as well. Having attended 30 parties, I can tell you that attending makes a life-changing memory.

As a former board member of the Volunteer Services Council of the DSSLC, I am proud to step back into a leadership role of this year’s drive. Our most sincere thanks to Tyler Cox and the incredible team at WBAP for making this happen. And to Calloways and the fine men and women of TNLA. We salute you all!

Folks, let’s all make them proud of their decision. Tune in WBAP December 8-12. (Actually, tune in all the time!)


Posted by Neil Sperry
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