Rose Cuttings: February 2015

‘Cornelia’ photo courtesy of Mike Shoup.

‘Cornelia’ photo courtesy of Mike Shoup.

by Mike Shoup


Mike Shoup sends us this note about the hybrid musk rose ‘Cornelia’, introduced in 1925 by the Rev. Joseph Hardwick Pemberton of the United Kingdom.

‘Cornelia’ gets bigger and better every year. She spews a green fountain of arching canes that magically enable her to grow continuously taller and wider. It is not uncommon to see her 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide, dwarfing surrounding plants and distorting the scale of a landscape.

Her graceful, interlacing canes create beautiful informal hedges with abundant spring and fall flowers. Wide-open areas around water features, big expanses of yard, or locations near naturalized areas suit her talents best.

Posted by Mike Shoup
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