Native Son: May 2015

Photos by Steven Chamblee.

Photos by Steven Chamblee.

by Steven Chamblee

I Remember…

April 30, 2035

Dear Readers,
Today I am feeling nostalgic for the good old days, when you could still find native wildflowers along the roadsides…

“I remember Bluebonnets … so blue, so perfect, each tipped with a tiny cloud, like some piece of the sky had fallen and landed upon the Earth.


I remember Phlox … chubby lavender stars, cheerfully smiling and dancing atop stems swaying in the breeze, casting a powdery perfume aloft, just for me.


I remember Indian Paintbrush … blushes of color, bursting forth from dark earth like little tongues of orange … each nesting a tiny pink shell.


I remember the Missouri Primrose … wavy goblets of canary-yellow, filled with thin yellow circus balloons … each tethered, yearning to touch the sky.


I remember Indian Blanket … little wagon wheels of orange, each encircled in a halo of yellow … evidence of having rolled through a puddle of sunshine.


I remember Evening Primrose … pale pink embroidered pillows flung across the meadows; sometimes just a sprinkling, sometimes a smooth, soft blanket covering the Earth.


I remember Woolly-white … reaching up from Mother Earth to greet my hand, these clusters of honey-scented pink candles, lovingly arranged in white linen.


I remember the Milkweed … intricate spheres of burgundy-kissed green buds, each opening to reveal a two-toned diamond surrounded by five delicate pearls.


I remember Eastern Bluestar … clusters of pale blue stars swimming in a sea of fine green foliage, sending a soft scent upon the gentle breeze.


When I’m old and my hair’s all white,
When my knees hurt bad and my face is a fright,
I might not remember sugar’s sweet and lemons are sour,
But I’ll darn sure remember those Texas spring wildflowers!


Spring won’t last forever! Come on out to Chandor Gardens and see Mother Nature’s floral finery. Go to for details. Just take I-20 west to exit 409, hang a right, go 2.1 miles and hang a left on Lee Avenue. Head straight 12 blocks and you’re driving in the gates. Call 817-361-1700 for more information.

I can always use another road trip! Let me know if you’d like me to come out and speak to your group sometime. I’m low-maintenance, flexible, and you know I like to go just about anywhere. No city too big; no town too small. Just send me an e-mail at and we’ll work something out.

Posted by Steven Chamblee
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