GARDENS Magazine Goes “Green”

gardens-digital-egardensBeginning with the July issue, Neil Sperry’s GARDENS Magazine will be published digitally only. It will reside in a special passworded part of my website ( that will be accessible only to our subscribers.

Here are the important things you will want to know:

• We will publish the magazine monthly, so you’ll get 12 issues per year instead of the six paper issues we’ve been publishing annually. We’ll be so much more timely!

• The magazine will be viewable on all platforms. That means you’ll be able to access it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

• Digital publishing allows us to take advantage of all manner of communication. We’ll have podcasts, videos, live links to websites — and even more.

• We will provide the same outstanding Texas gardening writers — all of your favorites are making the switch with us!

• PLEASE NOTE: The magazine isn’t changing. Just the way we deliver it to you. (And at a much lower price!)

• Since we’ll be able to make changes right up to the time we post the magazine, it will be extremely timely. We’ll be able to bring you the latest in weather information as it relates to your gardening activities.

• If you are not a current subscriber, don’t miss a beautiful issue. Sign up now, and we’ll notify you when the first issue is ready. Our introductory price (limited time) is only $10 per year. That’s only 83 cents per issue — for a magazine that’s won great national acclaim, even though every word is written specifically for Texas! (Save even more by subscribing for two or three years.)

• If you are a current subscriber, check the May/June issue of the magazine for details on how you will need to transfer that subscription. You’ll do it on our website. In fact, if you have a recent copy in front of you, you can do so right now.

We made this announcement just three days ago, and results have been outstanding. I’ve really enjoyed the beauty of our print publication, and I do understand that many people are sad to see it go, but with increased costs of paper, printing and mailing, it’s a change many other publications have made or are making. And, now that I’m seeing the new magazine unfold on our monitors, I’m really thrilled that we’re making the switch. Give us a try. I think you will be delighted, too!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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