Mushroom Photos

I came across a handsome mushroom in the woods along our driveway two weeks ago. I posted a photo of it on my Facebook page and invited the FB community to send me their own favorite mushroom photos. I dragged them all into a folder so I’d be able to sort and choose them, then I used my PicFrame app to create panels of nine photos each.

The results were beyond my wildest dreams. They got a ton of traffic on Facebook, but they were too good just to leave there forever. I decided to repost them here in e-gardens for all of you to enjoy, too. And if you saw them the first time, they’re even easier now. Just scroll down through them all together.

We have a beautiful and wonderful world, wouldn’t your say?

I also posted a photo of an attractive old Collin County barn and extended a similar invitation to my FB friends to send me their best. I’ll be posting them on Facebook sometime before long, so if you’re not on my page already, better join in.





Posted by Neil Sperry
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