Bark Identify Photos

These should be fairly easy:



These will probably be more difficult:


If it’s any consolation, as you look at these photos, I’d have a hard time identifying a couple of them without a bit more to go on. But some of them should be fairly easy for astute gardeners among us.

So, based on absolutely nothing scientific or factual, here is my scoring scale:

1 to 6 correct answers: at least you know a tree when you see one

7 to 10 correct answers: you’re a pretty amazing guesser

11 or 12 correct answers: you’re horticulturally geeky.

Scroll to see the correct answers…


The easy list includes:
1. Bois d’arc
2. Crape myrtle
3. Mexican plum
4. Pecan
5. Eastern redcedar
6. Shumard red oak
7. Yaupon holly

The difficult list includes:
8. Bur oak
9. Cedar elm
10. Chinquapin oak
11. Ginkgo
12. Japanese maple

Posted by Neil Sperry
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