Texas’ Very Best Landscape Plants

This is Neil Sperry’s “go-to” list of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines for large areas of Texas.

Of course, there are many other fine choices. Let your local independent retail garden center advise you.

Large Shade Trees
Live oak
Shumard red oak
Chinquapin oak
Bur oak
Cedar elm
Chinese pistachio
Southern magnolia
Eastern redcedar juniper

Small Shade Trees
‘Little Gem’ and ‘Teddy Bear’ southern magnolias
Golden raintree
Lacey oak
Japanese maples
Tree-form yaupon holly
Tree-form crape myrtles

Best Shrubs
Hollies (dozens of types) ¬– Sun or shade
Nandinas (many types) – Sun or shade
Junipers (many common types) – Sun
Abelias – Sun
Elaeagnus – Sun
Azaleas – Morning sun
Oakleaf hydrangeas – Shade
Leatherleaf mahonia – Shade
Crape myrtles – Sun
Althaeas – Sun
Forsythias – Sun
Spiraeas – Sun

Best Groundcovers
Asian jasmine – Sun
Purple wintercreeper euonymus – Sun
Tam juniper – Sun
Mondograss (monkeygrass) – Shade
Liriope – Shade

Best Vines
Madame Galen trumpetcreeper – Sun
Lady Banksia rose – Sun
Wisterias – Sun
Crossvine – Sun
Boston ivy – Sun
English ivy – Shade

Posted by Neil Sperry
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