Question of the Week: June 9, 2016



There must have been some kind of a special at the Slime Mold Store recently, because even the best-dressed lawns are wearing it currently.

“Neil, what’s this on my lawn? Will it do any harm? Should I try to get rid of it?”



Let’s make quick work of this problem:
• It’s all over Texas right now.
• Early summer is the time you will normally see most of it.
• It is the fruiting structures of a harmless fungus. Yes, harmless.
• The only damage it might do would be temporary shading of the blades it covers.
• The grass will be just fine.
• Mow it off. Other than that, there is no call to action.



Wouldn’t it be great if all the human maladies with names that sound that awful could end up being that harmless!

Photo credits (of sorts): all were posted on my Facebook page or sent to me via my newspaper columns. And, there were many more!

Slime mold in various stages.

Slime mold in various stages.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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