A Quick Spot of Shade Color

I’ve had times when I just needed to fill an empty spot. I’ve gone to the garden center, and the only things that caught my eye were shrubs or groundcovers. Not to worry.

That’s what happened when I went searching for some cooling green plants that could tame a bare space along our driveway. It wasn’t the space you see in this photo. I bought these plants five or six years ago, and they’ve been in probably that many places in our gardens since. Because they’re in pots, I put them into the greenhouse over the winter, then, early each spring, here they come again – out of the greenhouse and into some new place in our gardens. They would probably survive just as well tucked up against the south side of the house when it turns cold.

Variegated liriope, variety ‘Aztec Grass’.

Variegated liriope, variety ‘Aztec Grass’.


Each of these is growing in a faux terra cotta decorative plastic pot. They have been in the same pots for all of those years. I’m careful not to let them get too dry, and they’re fed along with my other container plants. They just continue to do their job, day after day and year after year.

No big breaking news here. Just a soft little tip that hopefully you’ll find of value.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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