Gardening This Weekend: December 22, 2016

Things that ought to be done soon if you can find a few minutes…


• Bulbs you’ve had in the fridge for their required pre-chilling. If you leave them there, they’ll get lost behind the stuffing.
• Living Christmas trees very soon after Christmas. They don’t hold up well in low household humidity.


• Remove frozen stems and leaves from perennials and shrubs. See related story this issue.
• Mistletoe from tree branches if you’d like to use it for decorating. Otherwise it can wait until next week. Birds will soon be feeding on the berries, however, spreading it all over the neighborhood, so don’t put it off too long. See related story this issue.


• Honestly, there isn’t one single plant that needs to be fed this weekend unless you’re really bored.


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• If you’re transporting a poinsettia, and if it’s anywhere near freezing, have the car warmed up ahead of time. Only a few seconds’ exposure to freezing temperatures can ruin them. Same applies to Norfolk Island pines and other tropical plants.
• Leave frost cloth in place to protect plants from subsequent cold spells the next six or eight weeks. Air and water penetrate the fabrics quite well.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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