Gardening This Weekend: December 29, 2016

Most chores can wait another week, but these are the ones you really want to hop on when you have a few moments this weekend.


• Pre-chilled tulips and hyacinths immediately. These bulbs will be in full bloom in two months, and they have to be planted now! Final reminder!
• Patio pots and entryway gardens with cold-tolerant pansies, pinks, snapdragons and ornamental cabbage and kale to spruce up your place before guests arrive, but be prepared to protect the plants next week as cold weather returns.


• Winter-killed stem stubble, foliage to tidy your landscape up.
• Mistletoe from small tree branches before it becomes well established. See related story last week.


• Houseplants monthly with diluted, water-soluble plant food to maintain their vigor until better growing days of spring return.


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• Cold weather is forecast next week. If you used frost cloth to cover your plants two weeks ago, leave it in place a bit longer.
• If you have pecan trees around your house and driveway, look up into the tops of the trees. If you see stubs of dying branches, have a certified arborist inspect the trees. Branches that are shaded by higher branches will die and, a few months later, fall to the ground without warning. You don’t want them to do damage or cause injuries.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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