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I’ll be short and to the point on this one. Being successful in growing fruit and pecans in Texas depends on your starting with the best varieties for your area and then planting and maintaining them carefully.

Some crops are much easier than others. My good friend Dr. George Ray McEachern, fruit and pecan expert with Texas A&M (who now specializes in grapes) has always said that if you only have room for a few fruit plants, you should choose Methley plum, Orient pear and one of the improved forms of blackberries.

George Ray will be my guest on Super Bowl Sunday morning 8-10 on my radio program on WBAP 820AM, and I’m sure we’ll talk about that again. In the meantime, I have a cluster of Extension publications I’d like to share with you. They should answer all of your fruit-growing questions.


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I was delighted when I found this master listing of all Extension fruit-growing guidelines. As I’ve admitted dozens of times, this isn’t my horticultural specialization, so I keep this page bookmarked on my computer: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/fruit-nut/ Click on any one of the links and you’ll see why this is so useful.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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