Last Call for Pre-emergents for Winter Weeds

This is my fourth warning that you must apply pre-emergent weedkiller granules between August 25 and September 5 if you want to prevent germination of cool-season weed seeds. That means this weekend!

Photo: Ryegrass and annual bluegrass gang up to make lawn look quite unattractive during the winter. Prevent them now with application of pre-emergent granules.

For cool-season grassy weeds use…

These are all labeled for prevention of cool-season grassy weeds, including annual bluegrass (Poa annua), ryegrass, rescuegrass and others. Some are available at local garden centers and others are available at the large national chains.

Note: Pre-emergents should not be applied if you intend to overseed your dormant lawn with ryegrass for green winter turf.

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For cool-season broadleafed weeds use…

Gallery is found in products packaged by VPG of Bonham, Texas, and sold under Fertilome, HiYield and American brands at independent retails garden centers and hardware stores (not at national retailers).

Photos: All of these cool-season winter weeds can be prevented by application of Gallery pre-emergent granules this weekend. (Clockwise from upper left: dandelions, chickweed, henbit and white clover.)

Posted by Neil Sperry
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