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In case you’re overrun with armadillos like many of us who live in the country seem to be, this trap will work. We’ve had four traps over the past 35 years, and they’ve captured more than 80 of the animals.

I wrote about how we place the traps here two weeks ago. In case you missed it, here is a link to that story. And since several of you have asked for measurements so you can build a trap of your own, here are photos that will give them to you. We’ll leave this up for a couple of weeks, but please print them soon if you intend to try this. I’ll put a few suggestions in with the captions.

A. The top board is 32-3/4 inches long

B. It is 11-3/8 inches wide (standard 1×12 lumber)

C. This shows how the trip pin rides atop the small piece of 1×2.

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D. Top piece is 13 inches long and approximately 3 inches wide.

E. Side piece is 29 inches high.

F. Entire outer length is 37 inches.

G. Trap door is 14-3/4 inches high.

H. Trap door is 9-3/8 inches wide.

I. This shows the trip mechanism completely out of the trap. It inserts down through the hole.

J. You can see the small nail that hooks beneath the little 1×2 board on the top.

K. Height of frame around opening 11-1/2 inches.

L. Extremely simple pulley system that operates the trap door.

M. Both doors function off the center trip stick.

Good luck! I hope these photos help!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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