Summer Snowflakes – Understated Elegance

This may be my favorite spring-flowering bulb. It’s dainty. It’s not a show-off. It’s dependable. And it’s truly perennial.

Summer snowflake, botanically Leucojum aestivum, produces handsome daffodil-like foliage in late winter and early spring. The plants are topped with masses of white, gracefully nodding flowers, with each petal tipped with a spot of green.

The variety ‘Gravetye Giant’ is a larger-flowering variant of the species that has been popular for many decades.

Plant summer snowflake bulbs in fall 3 inches deep into well-prepared garden soil to which you have added generous amounts of organic matter. They do equally well in sun or part shade.

The bulbs should be left in place more or less permanently after they have been planted. They perennialize well, multiplying year after year. No insect or disease problems are common with this heirloom old favorite.

Leave the foliage in place until it dries and dies late each spring, at which time you can trim and remove it. Just remember where you have the bulbs planted.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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