Ultra-Handy Web Page from TAMU!

In the talk radio business I learned a long time ago that it’s always better to admit that you don’t have an answer than to prove it by opening your mouth and pouring out useless dribble.

Fruit and pecans are not my specialty. Oh, I’ve learned a lot of the basic things about them to be sure. You can’t do what I do for a living and not be fairly tuned in. But there is so much more detail.

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When I came across this Texas A&M compilation web page of four dozen outstanding fact sheets done by the expert fruit specialists with Texas AgriLife Extension I slapped a bookmark on it in about one micro-second.

Simply put, this one webpage is a hub to the compendium of everything these scientists have written about all types of fruit we can grow here in Texas.

This is a treasure chest! Happy reading in this cold winter weather!


Posted by Neil Sperry
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