Gardening This Weekend: March 8, 2018

By now you have the engines running. You’re ready to mow, blow, trim and grow! Gardening Season 2018 is underway. Here are this week’s assignments.


Warm-season vegetables in the southern third of the state. Leafy and root crops in the rest (cooler) regions.
Frost-tolerant annuals in North and Northwest Texas. Warm-weather types in southern third of the state.
Nursery stock while supplies are at their best. Be mindful to protect new foliage from highway winds, either by putting them into a truck or by wrapping them securely before you leave the nursery. You simply cannot drive slowly enough to avoid highway burn.


Winter damage from shrubs, vines and groundcovers to help tidy them up before new growth commences. Make plans now to remove types that were killed or damaged beyond repair.
Spring-flowering shrubs and vines immediately after they finish blooming. Reshape them to keep them tidy.
Scalp lawn if you haven’t done so already. Wear quality respirator and goggles to protect against dust and debris.


Lawn with high-nitrogen fertilizer in sandy soils, all-nitrogen for clay soils due to their retention of phosphorus to excessive levels.
New annual flowers and vegetables at time of planting with liquid high-phosphorus fertilizer to promote vigorous root growth. Follow-up feedings should be with all-nitrogen or high-nitrogen fertilizers you intend to use on your lawn.

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Broadleafed weedkiller (containing 2,4-D) to eliminate non-grassy weeds such as chickweed, dandelions, clover, dichondra, plantain, wild violets and wild onions. Don’t mow for several days before or after you treat. Don’t treat if rain is expected within 24-48 hours.
Pre-emergent granules should be applied by this weekend in Central and North Central Texas, by next weekend in North Texas to prevent germination of grassburs and crabgrass. Dimension, Team and Halts are the three types that are most commonly available.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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