Brought Back from the Past

Everywhere I’ve turned the past couple of weeks people have been asking me about this beautiful big shrub/small tree. I love this plant, and if you take the Fort Worth Star Telegram, I’ll tell you this weekend how far back it and I go. For now, let me give you just the basic facts you’ll need to succeed.

Vitex makes attractive anchoring shrub in large landscape.

• Scientific name: Vitex agnus-castus.
• Common name: Vitex, lilac chaste tree or Texas lilac (although it’s not related to lilacs and doesn’t have their aroma).
• Hardiness Zone: 6-9 (almost all of Texas).
• Mature size: 10-12 ft. tall and wide.
• Deciduous.

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Vitex thrives even in hot Lajitas in the Big Bend Country of Southwest Texas.

• Blooms late spring into early summer. In South Texas may produce a second round of flowers.
• Flower colors: Predominantly the lavender-blue types, but pink- and white-flowering forms are also sold.
• Lighting requirements: Full sun.
• Soil preferences: Any, so long as drainage is good.
• Best landscape uses: As anchor in wide perennial beds or as focal points 10 or 12 feet out from corners of house.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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