Little Spotlights of Color

It’s nice to have expansive beds of brightly colored flowers flanking your house, but sometimes that’s simply not practical. This little story is for the other extreme: when you just want a touch of color to brighten a drab corner or entryway.

Snow Princess sweet alyssum has become standard of excellence for long-term plantings. Here in photo taken earlier this week in McKinney it’s growing alongside New Blue Wonder fanflower in a patio garden. Plant them this weekend, and by this time next week you’ll have a great looking combination.

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I’ve grown coleus in pots for the past 55 years, and my options have only gotten better thanks to the great work of the world’s plant breeders. They’re fast. They’re colorful. And they love the heat. They do love a little shade in the afternoon, too, though.


Pentas have become mainstays in American landscaping. This pink type blends well with Victoria salvia along a path in our backyard.


Color doesn’t have to come from flowers. As with coleus, peperomias have cheerful foliage. I use them in many parts of our gardens.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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