Question of the Week – September 6, 2018

“Is it too late to apply my pre-emergent weedkillers?”

And the answer is, “No. It’s not too late.” In fact, my recommendation is the last week of August through the first week of September for the northern two-thirds of Texas and the first two weeks of September for South Texas.

Either way, you should still be within those dates if you’re reading this e-gardens on or near the date of publication (Sept. 6, 2018).

Here is a link back to the main story I wrote on fall pre-emergents here in e-gardens a couple of weeks ago. It all still applies.

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However, I want to interject two points of common sense into all this discussion.

First, this isn’t precise science. The door doesn’t shut automatically when the first week of September comes to an end. That’s an approximate date. I just find it easier to give a hard and fast date to try to scare people (I’ll call them “procrastinators”) into getting the job done.

Second, let’s assume that you might be a few days late in your application. Will you still get some measure of help? Sure you will. It may not be 100 percent prevention of the weeds, but it will be better than having no prevention at all.

So that’s this week’s look at fall pre-emergents. I don’t think I’ll be dragging this old rag out before you again until next year, but I felt like I needed to get this answered this one last time.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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