Plant of the Week – October 4, 2018: Brugmansias

This fabulous backyard Brugmansia photo was posted by my Facebook friend Carrie Bobela.

Brugmansias are sister plants to moonflowers (a.k.a. jimsonweed, or Datura). But Brugmansia flowers hang straight down while daturas extend out and slightly upward. All are spectacular.

Double purple datura shows its habit of holding flowers upright.

Facts of life re: Brugmansias…
Morning sun with afternoon shade.
Does best in highly organic planting soil that is kept uniformly moist at all times.
Grows to be 5 to 8 ft. tall and wide.

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Modestly winter-hardy. Best in Zones 9-11. Often survives in Zone 8 if you’ll mulch over its roots. Or grow it in a large pot and move it into a greenhouse or use other means of protection when temperatures drop below freezing.
Flowers on new shoots so keep plant growing vigorously. Fertilize with high-nitrogen, water-soluble food every two weeks.

Brugmansia flowers are available in several shades as well as white.

Beware with Brugmansias…
• Flowers are poisonous so keep young children away from it. (Many of our other common landscape plants are also poisonous, so learn the complete list and teach your children not to graze in the garden.)
• Whiteflies will attack them in greenhouse conditions. Grasshoppers and caterpillars may bother them outdoors.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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