Least Asked Question of the Week Number 2: January 31, 2019

“I’m tired of trimming shrubs that have grown too large. What are the best shrubs in the various size categories?”

It’s like buying yourself your own Christmas present. If someone doesn’t ask you the right question, you have to ask it yourself. So I did, and here’s how I’d reply.

Choose plants whose mature sizes fit the spaces available for them!

When I redid this part of our landscape I was careful to choose shrubs that would stay in bounds with the space we have available for them.

For low shrubs 2-3 ft. tall, dwarf nandinas are outstanding, as are dwarf yaupon, dwarf Chinese and Carissa hollies and Wintergreen and Green Beauty Japanese boxwoods.

Types to 3-6 ft. tall include dwarf Burford holly, Italian jasmine, Sea Green juniper, bridal wreath spiraea, taller nandinas and several of the abelias.

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From 6-12 ft. tall, your list includes Willowleaf holly, Mary Nell holly, Oakland holly, elaeagnus and a maybe a few flowering shrubs such as forsythia, smaller crape myrtles and most varieties of roses-of-Sharon.

And for shrubs that grow taller than 12 ft. tall at maturity, tall crape myrtles, Nellie R. Stevens, yaupon hollies and Warren’s Red possumhaw holly.

Given just those plants I believe you could create a lovely garden in any part of Texas. Happy shopping!

Posted by Neil Sperry
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