Plant of the Week – January 24, 2019: Stocks

This cheerful violet color brightens its part of the garden.

Florists use stocks a lot more than Texas home gardeners do, and that’s a real shame. This is a great cool-season annual that deserves wider attention. I’m going to give it a bit of a sales pitch.

Close-up photo of stocks shows their beauty and reminds us of their rich fragrance.

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Let’s address the critical facts…
Scientific name: Matthiola incana.
Common name: Stocks.
Height: 12-18 inches, depending on varieties.
Bloom time: Winter in South Texas, early spring through mid-spring in rest of state. Plants go downhill when temperatures are consistently over 80F.

White stocks show through the violet selection.

Colors: Rose, violet, purple, pink, white.
Annual/Perennial: Cool-season annual.
Sun/Shade: Best in full sun.
Fragrant: Yes. Plant near walks and entries.
Uses in landscape: Massed in small beds; as “thriller” plants in centers of patio pots.
How sold: Potted and growing in 6-inch containers.
Pest problems: Very few, although aphids may show up.

Posted by Neil Sperry
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