Native Son: Impending Spring

Photos by Steven Chamblee.

Winter never lasts long enough, for me
We never get enough white stuff, fluffy.
Overall, Texas winters are nice, except for ice.

Texas winters are a great source of fascination.
Because of the constant, never-ending vacillation,
Hot to cold & cold to hot…or not.


I blame Martha Stewart for creating the dream
Of time to bake and knit all winter…makes me scream!
Winter’s a charm up thar‘n Nantucket cold…what a bucket load!

Early in the spring, each and every year,
My mind is wracked with dread and fear
For I can feel winter’s lovely grip…begin to slip.

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When I see Daffodils, standing tall and bright,
And those cheerful Tulips that bring delight
To all but me. I just panic…and get manic.

For my winter projects aren’t near done
Out of fifty, well…maybe two…no, one.
Twenty-nine now still on my list…twenty I just dismissed.

I’ve still got shrubs to move and Oaks to prune,
And Hollies and Roses and Pears (oh my!) before too soon.
My Spring perennials are still in pots…and I’ve got lots.

Mexican Plum

People are starting their Tomato seeds today,
Veteran gardeners had them up before Valentine’s Day.
This Big Boy’s seeds are still in the sleeve…I just grieve.

The sparkling clean pond I once envisioned
Is now the source of my internal derision,
For my brain and my pump are still stuck…in the muck.

My compost’s unturned, my mulch bags still stacked,
Those puffy ornamental grasses still haven’t been hacked.
And that snarl of broken pipes called irrigation…an irritation.


Where did it go, my quiet season of rest?
My time to relax, recharge, and reclaim my best?
Like seed catalogs that once filled my heart with desire, it went into the fire.

So I sit here flummoxed, assessing the situation
Perhaps I should run away or take a vacation
To a place with a view of the ocean…there’s a notion.

But now the Redbuds are breaking, bright pink and not red,
Eve’s Necklace on the fence line, Dogwoods by the shed.
Look over there at my Wandering Jew…it’s waking up, too.

The robins are singing and hopping around sweetly,
The bluebirds are busy building their nests oh so neatly.
Squirrels ricochet in the trees, and scamper around…on the ground.

Life is awakening, whether I’m ready or not.
My winter project schedule has gone to pot.
Guess I’ll have to make a new plan of action…to get satisfaction.

So I put on a tea kettle and I thought for a while,
Remembered this all happened last year and smiled.
Kissed Winter goodbye and welcomed in Spring…let it ring!

Winter Daphne blooms mid-February, and the fragrance is intoxicating!


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Posted by Steven Chamblee
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